New Video Series for the Bristol Ivywild Project

Sorry for the sparse postings as of late. The summer has been a busy time for me as I've been working through the expansion of Beers Made By Walking and making a number of needed family visits. I should be back on top of things in the next week. But I wanted to show you this video from Bristol...

Check out the new video series that Bristol Brewing is making for the Ivywild Project. We've written about the expansion of the brewery a little and the project has been making fast progress since then. Essentially, Bristol is moving into the Ivywild School across the street from the current brewery. From what we can tell it will be a real community center, a space for lots of different community-centric happenings. It's quite an exciting idea made manifest and reminds me a bit of the McMenamins Kennedy School in Oregon, if you've ever been there. This is the first video in the series, featuring a number of voices around the community and their hopes and desires for what Ivywild could be.

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BeerEric Steen