New Beers on Tap in the Region

I've searched the internets for news on some new beers available this week in the region. Stop by our local breweries and try out the specialty beers along with an old favorite or two. Cheers!

Great Storm Brewing - Toast
A Pale Ale with a hefty portion of toasted malt and toasted...hops? Yep, we did that. It's got a unique flavor profile and you've probably never tasted anything like it. 6% ABV, on tap now, but it won't last long, we only did about 2/3 barrel of it.

KBKB - Alter-Bee-Go
This info was released on July 23rd, so not sure if it's still on tap...Our new German style honey ale will be available tomorrow. This brew is made with raw, unfiltered Colorado wildflower honey!

Phantom Canyon - 1942 Burton Ale
Originally brewed by Barclay Perkins Brewery, Southwarke, London as the tide was beginning to turn for allied forces in World War Two. Burton Ale is named after the city that produced it. For centuries, Burton upon Trent has been associated with the brewing industry due to the quality of the local water. Burton Ale is a pale and well-hopped style of beer was developed in Burton in parallel with the development of India Pale Ale elsewhere. Notes: Hop resin, spice and deep toasty malt. Toasted biscuits covered in caramel. A bit of raisins and grain husk. Very dry with a mouth filling hop flavor and the hop resins continue through the finish.

Rockyard Brewing - Goose Republic Saison
Tapping this Thursday at 5:17 pm. Our 4th Home Brewer Gone Wild beer. Scaled up from Lindsay Wohlman's winning brew from Hop Barley and the Alers. Look for it in Bombers, too. Where ever fine Rockyard beers are sold.

Trinity Brewing - Chi Belgian Pilsener
Starting Aug. 3rd - Chi Belgian Pilsener Release Party
This new Trinity House Brew will be available full time!
A traditional bottom fermented lager beer. As with any Trinity beer, we add a twist to what would be considered normal for a Pilsener - we super hop this recipe with Belgian Styrian Goldings, creating a spicy and dry profile. Built as a session beer for any situation, every season, and to pair with any food, this hoppy lager will quickly become a standard choice in any situation. 5.1% ABV.

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