New Bar in Town

I challenge you all to a game of Street Fighter II (original version) at the new arcade bar in Colorado Springs! 

Supernova just opened up on Friday, it's now the closest bar to my house, and I'm pumped to spend my time there because, well, let's just say I can spend a good amount of time playing Street Fighter with just one quarter. I can beat anyone with any character. Let's do it. I'm serious.

Yes, I did say 'arcade bar.' The idea is that you can play these vintage arcade games while knocking back a couple beers. It's pretty much the best thing ever. They do have a small but good selection of craft beer, ranging from Left Hand, New Belgium, Odell to Bristol. They've got a few cheap beers in there too.

Every time I go to Denver for a night out I stop at the arcade bar 1up and I spend a handful of quarters on some of the old games. 1up is actually the bar that inspired Supernova. When the owners visited the place they new they had to open one up in the springs. So they picked a spot that's close enough to Colorado College that it may actually bring some of those students (and teachers!). It's at 111 E. Boulder, around the corner from Smiley's, Poor Richards, and Tony's. I know the CC kids like to stop in at Smiley's for breakfast, as do I (it's my favorite in the city) so I think it's a really good location. They said they already have approval to create a patio on the sidewalk where they will likely have some outdoor games. There's a full kitchen, I didn't order food but these are the same folks that own Rabbit Hole so you can assume the food is going to be good. I did see they had some waffle cut fries with melted marshmallow sauce.

We were there Tuesday evening before dark and they said that Monday night was busy. Monday night! Busy! In Colorado Springs! That's a really good sign in my book. I always am looking for more night options in this town, and I hope this draws people out during the week. Looks like they're open till 1:30 every night so you can make a late night out of it.

Street Fighter, anyone? Shall we have a competition? I think I'll organize one...

Supernova / 111 E. Boulder, Colorado Springs

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