Celebrate IPA Day with a Colorado IPA

The IPA is a very special beer. A style that I once considered too bitter and "not for me" as a young craft beer drinker quickly turned into my favorite style of beer after moving to Colorado. In fact, this is the style style I usually order at new breweries to predict if they make good beer or not. The diversity of flavor can range from citrus notes such as grapefruit,  passion fruit, pineapple to grassy and piney notes like sucking on a pine cone. The bitterness can range from delicate and fruity to extreme hop bombs that can be difficult to finish as the beer gets warmer and you're down to your last swigs.  I have even known a certain FotB blog writer (not me...cough...cough) who indulged so much at an IPA fest in Oregon he had to take a break from the style for an entire year! Today happens to be IPA day, and I would like to recommend ten Colorado IPAs to help celebrate this wonderful day. Really you can get your IPA anywhere, but here's a few recommendations. So whether you are a seasoned hophead or just curious about these "bitter" beers, let all say a prayer to St. Lupulin and have a pint or two of India Pale Ale today.

Here's a list of 10. Leave more suggestions in the comments, we know we are leaving many out. (Readers see the comments below for more ideas). Cheers!

Local Varietals

Pikes Peak Brewery / Elephant Rock IPA / 7ABV 75 IBU

A great example of a Pacific NW IPA. A nice light malt presence with great citrus hop aromas and flavors. Nice dry finish. It's absolutely worth a trip to Monument for this one.

Bristol Brewery / Compass IPA / 6.5ABV 55 IBU

A well balanced IPA with a prominent malt backbone and Pacific NW citrus hop notes of grapefruit. 

Trinity Brewing / Slap Your Mammy Double IPA  / 10.5ABV 125 IBU

This is the only double IPA in the local group. This beer has amazing     aromas and flavors from nine different hop varieties. The beer definitely has great citrus grapefruit notes and a pretty amazing dryness for a beer weighing in at 10.5 ABV!

Colorado IPA

Ska / Modus Hoperandi  / 6.8ABV  65 IBU

One of the best balanced IPAs, and it's in a can so you can take it (just about) anywhere! A great mix of citrus and pine hoppiness with grapefruit notes. A nice smooth finish. One of my favorites.

Odell / IPA  / 7ABV  60 IBU

One of first IPAs I tried in Colorado and still one of my favorites.  A fruity hopcentric IPA with citrus notes of oranges and pineapple.  The malt character is present but not the centerpiece to this floral and citrusy IPA.

Avery / IPA / 6.5ABV 69 IBU

A nicely balanced IPA with citrus and pine notes. Has a nicely-balanced bready malt backbone with floral hop aromas and flavors of grapefruit, mango, and pineapple. 

Oskar Blues / Deviant Dales / 8ABV 85 IBU

This is a big IPA at 8% ABV but it has great balance to hide that alcohol with a nice malt presence and amazing aromas and flavors of citrus, grapefruit, and pine. 

Colorado Double IPA

Odell / Myrcenary / 9.3ABV  85 IBU

Tropical fruits and citrus notes from the hops bring this double IPA to life with a light balanced malt backbone. This beer goes down so smooth that if you aren't careful, the 9.3% ABV will catch up with you quickly.

Ska / Decadent / 10ABV 99 IBU

One of the best balanced double IPA's out there. This beer has a prevalent caramel malt flavor that compliments the citrus hops. An amazing fusion of malt and hops!

Great Divide / 18th Anniversary Wood Aged Double IPA / 10ABV 

A lot of malt sweetness to complement the earthy and floral citrus hops. The wood gives this beer a unique oak character with a hint of vanilla. Get this before it's gone!

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