A couple stories from the bar

There were a few standout memories from the bar this week and I thought I'd share them with you.

I'm back to teaching, this was the first week after an eventful summer. Daniel called me up and said he and Isaac were going to Southside Johnnies for a pint or two so I met them down there. New Belgium rep Travis Flett happened to be there, it's easy to run into people that you know when you hit the downtown bars. I ordered a Ranger IPA and a burger for $5, which is a pretty great happy hour price. The pint really hit the spot and I drank a bit faster than everyone else at the table. I still had over a quarter of my beer left when the server came up to the table with another pint and put it in front of me. She didn't even ask me if I'd have another beer, she just did it. It left a good impression on me, I'll head back to that place again soon.

Last night, after an awesome Meet the Brewer event, I headed down to Supernova again to play Street Fighter and have a nightcap or two. Supernova is the new arcade bar, and it's close to my house so I can walk there and back easily. I'm doing pretty good on Street Fighter but there are these guys behind me that are in complete control of the jukebox and they're playing hardcore and punk rock tunes that I recognize and they're singing along and having a good time. The thing is, they were too loud and I think a lot of people were annoyed with them and it was the only type of music playing. I was drinking PBR because I had just come from an event with some bigger beers that had a lot of character and I was in a mellower mood wanting something really light. Supernova offers the tallboy cans and they have the 12oz option too. The first one I ordered was a tallboy. The next time I went to the bar I ordered another PBR but they gave me the 12oz can. The two jukebox-controlling-guys are now sitting at the bar and they look at me and say in a baby voice "Baby PBR! Baby PBR!" Well, I would have ordered a can of Shift if I could have but they don't have those yet, and then there wouldn't have been any chance of getting a baby beer. I walked away and didn't care that I was drinking what I wanted to drink.

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