Cash Mob to Manitou

Photo from The Gazette website

The Waldo Canyon Fire has been a terrible and devastating thing to people in our neighboring towns. As I'm writing this, I'm also watching the live stream on KKTV, it is estimated that the size of the fire is at 5,165 acres. We have friends that have been evacuated, some of whom have been able to return to their houses, but what a scary, scary situation for our area.

On Wednesday at noon there will be a Cash Mob (on twitter use the hashtag #ManitouMob) in Manitou. If you're unaware, a Cash Mob is not a noisy riot, it's a focused coming-together of large groups of people who plan to spend their money in a particular area to help a specific business or local economy. In this case, the mob is organized by the Colorado Springs Community Alliance, and the call is for everyone to head into Manitou and spend your money. Get drinks, food, ice-cream, buy some souvenirs, buy clothes...just buy things and support the town. As beer geeks, we would like to send you to the wonderful bars in town. There are many great bars there, so go to all of them! Some of our favorites include Kinfolks and The Ancient Mariner. We've heard Keg Lounge is great. I'm sure, if they are open, these places would appreciate your business.

It has been said that the fire may not be contained until July 15. If people wait that long to head back into Manitou it could be detrimental to the local businesses there. On the Facebook Event Page a number of commenters say it's too early to go into the town, to wait till the fire is out and put money toward that effort. The mob idea has been a controversial one, so go the event page, read the comments, and make up your own mind about it. One commenter on the FB page says:

As a Manitou business owner Summer is our biggest season. Some of us may not be here next year if people wait weeks or months to visit. We always appreciate business and the appreciate the sentiment of this group. Just a normal summer day of business would be lovely.

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