Blax Fox Brewing Will Set Up Shop in Denver

I'm literally running out the door to catch a flight so I'm just pasting some answers to some questions that John Schneider, of Black Fox Brewing, just sent me. It's true, it's true, they are officially setting up shop in Denver and they are leaving pretty soon. We will be totally sad to have one of our very favorite breweries in all of Colorado leave town and head North but we know that this is a good move for these guys. John you better send your beer down here! We wish you the best of luck and you know we'll come and visit you soon!!!

My questions for John:
When are you moving and what will be your last day at Bristol? Do you have a particular area in Denver that you're looking to for the brewery? Tell me a little about your vision for the brewery? Will it be production? How large? Bottles or kegs or what? What would be your mainstay beers, or are you going to develop all new recipes? Will you continue making saisons, naming your beer after punk rock stuff etc? John's answers:

Hey, we are moving up to Denver on June 28/29. My official last day at Bristol is Wed 6-20, just a week from today. We are planning on Downtown somewhere. We are considering a couple of neighborhoods for a small production brewery with most sales in-house. We'll be distributing kegs from the start, then grow into some specialty packaging and we're planing on 750's for our Belgian stuff, and tall cans for other stuff. The Belgians might even wind up in the tall cans...still debating that!

We are looking at a 15bbl system and plan to brew the beers that we already do, plus other non-Belgian beers - IPA, Stout, Pale,...We actually have other recipes written, named, and ready to go! And yes, they are named after songs also. We have tons of ideas. We're working with a General Contractor and a Realtor and about to meet with a Business Lawyer. And our system ready to order! All we need is a really big check. I am playing catch-up. Been crazy busy on work and personal sides. Way too much going on! But it's good.

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BeerEric Steen