BierWerks and Prost Brewing Team Up for a Brew

Ashley Carter (Prost); John Landerman (home brewer); James McGraw (BierWerks); Austin Weatherford (BierWerks);
Dave Bryant (Brewing Science Institute); Bill Eye (Prost); Austin Weatherford (BierWerks, behind the camera)

Just got some awesome news from BierWerks, in Woodland Park, that BierWerks and Prost Brewing recently made a beer together and it will be ready to serve in the next couple weeks. On June 9th, James McGraw at BierWerks along with Bill Eye and Ashley Carter from Prost began a ten barrel batch of Helles Lager. This tasty lager is the same version that BierWerks makes regularly, and will be served at BierWerks soon, but it was specifically made with Prost in mind. Prost, an upcoming German brew house in Denver, will come back down in a couple weeks, harvest 30 gallons of the yeast and use it for one of their own lagers. The yeast was supplied by The Brewing Science Institute (David Bryant, Bryan Pearson, and Jon LaVasque) and they also received help from our pal John Landerman (homebrewer) and BierWerks employee Austin Weatherford. Both breweries make primarily German beers and, with the exception of Grimm Brothers in Loveland, are the only ones in the state of Colorado (that I know of) that have this commitment.

Bill Eye of Prost brewing with David Bryant of the Brewing Science Institute

Prost Brewing is a soon-to-open brewery in the Denver region. If I understand correctly, once they open they'll be the largest production brewery in Denver. There has been much buzz around Prost, the head brewer is Bill Eye and used to brew for Dry Dock where he brewed a few German beers that got a lot of attention, acclaim, and won a number of GABF awards. Not even a year ago he announced he was leaving to start his own fully German brewery. The brewhouse he's using is pretty awesome as well, it's a 72.5 barrel copper brewhouse from Germany, built in 1962. It was used on Bucher Bräu in Grafenau until 1984, then was used at Brauerei Hümmer in Breitengüßbach, a brewery that had served beer for 350 years until 2011. Their first beers will include the Altfränkisches Dunkel Bier (which used to be made at Brauerei Hümmer), Weißbier, and Prost Pils.

BierWerks has had some recent news as well - they hired on new brewmaster James McGraw. I haven't been to BierWerks to try any of his beers yet but I'm going to have to make a trip up soon. James was trained as a brewer at the Doemens Academy in Munich, Germany and came to BierWerks after serving as brewer at BJ's Brewhouse and Tustin Brewing Co in Southern California.

BierWerks - 121 E. Midland Ave, Woodland Park, CO - Facebook page
Prost Brewing - 2540 19th St., Denver, CO - Facebook page
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