Beer Thoughts: River North Hypothesis

Beer Info:
Hypothesis is a Belgian-Style Double IPA from one of Colorado's newest breweries. Normally we only post beers that you can get in the Springs, but this one is currently available in Denver. River North is worth visiting so we thought we'd post it anyway. This one sits at 9% ABV and has 'enough IBUs to sharpen the senses to razor-like acuity...'

Beer Thoughts:
This beer ended up being a wonderful play between malt, yeast, and hops; in my opinion all of them have pronounced character but none of them stand above the other. It pours a beautiful golden-orange with a white foamy head. The aroma is flowery, fruity, and a bit spicy from the Belgian yeast with some hints of citrus hops behind that. The initial flavor is lovely, a nice coppery and caramelly sweetness with some biscuit notes that quickly disappears and reveals some spicy and earthy hops mixed with peppery yeast notes that also include banana, lemon, and flowers. It has a really nice bitter and crisp finish that leaves your mouth watering. You can definitely feel the weight of the alcohol at 9%, it's not really hidden, and as the beer warms the sweetness becomes more pronounced and it blends with some of the citrus. Again, the yeast, malt, and hops, dance nicely around each other and are all pronounced in a unique way. This has a nice complexity that makes it a lovely beer to contemplate, I drank it while thinking about things like social obligations, the meaning of life, and other exciting topics. ;)

Our Recommendation:
Hop heads will really dig this beer. For people who love big 2IPAs, this one might feel more on the balanced side. It may be too much for people who don't like hops, it won't feel balanced to those folks, but the Belgian characteristics might be an access point. I definitely enjoyed it and would order it at a bar without hesitation.

Don't age this beer, the hop character will disappear and will become unbalanced with malt sweetness.

I drank this in a pint glass, because I like hoppy beers in pint glasses. A globe would be a good choice as well. The bottle states that you should share it. Probably a good idea at 9% ABV, and you don't want this one to warm up too too much.

Where From:
River North Brewery, Denver, CO

Full Disclosure:
I paid full price for this beer, which I think was about $9.

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