Things seem to be going well for our newest brewery

The other day I emailed with Jeff at Great Storm Brewing and he let me know that things have been going quite well over at the new brewery. They've been keeping pretty busy and things seem healthy. That's wonderful news. Great Storm, if you haven't already heard, is Colorado Springs' newest brewery, they opened in March. They're a nanobrewery, producing one barrel batches of beer at a time... Here's the latest from Jeff:

It’s been busy, we’ve run out of a couple of beers a few times. We’re starting to offer some guest taps and we have CAUTION’s Honey Matrimony on right now which is pretty tasty. After that, we’ll put on CAUTION’s Toaster Bat Black which I am personally looking forward to trying, and then we may try to get some brews from Renegade and Golden City Brewery up north.

For ourselves, we have plans for a few special one-batch brews coming up, we’re going to try to get a strawberry blonde on for Memorial Day weekend, and we’re going to do a very small (~5 gal) brew of an imperial stout that Stephen Shelton will be brewing, and then we’ll be releasing a summer seasonal, Midsummer Ale on Midsummer’s eve, it’ll be a citrus zest aged golden. Plus I have a wild idea I’m keeping quiet, I’ll be seeing if I can squeeze in there somewhere.

We also started offering an optional scoop of ice cream in our stout, which is just fantastic – the dessert that gets you buzzed...All in all, we hope to make things a little more exciting around here soon! I will keep you posted.

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