Potential Brewery in Manitou

We just got word from Matthew in the CS Indy that there may be a brewery in planning in Manitou. We've talked amongst friends that the first brewery in that little town is LONG overdue and will probably make a killing. I'll direct your attention to the CS Indy article, which has more information, but here's a few quotes I pulled:

It appears that Kevin LeGrande of LeGrande Accents Boutique — also owner of the Promenade Building at 725 Manitou Ave. — has notions to open a brewery at that site in partnership with another Colorado brewing outfit, yet to be named.

As the agenda documents outline, the brewery would only allow on-site consumption (and guest food to be brought in by clientele). It would not bottle or can, and would keep limited nighttime hours, closing by 10 p.m.

We'll find out more information if we can and get that to you as soon as possible.

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BeerEric Steen