A Friendly Reminder about Battle of the Brewers this Saturday!


Battle of the Brewers: Round 2
Saturday, May 19th / 4pm SHARP! 
At Brewer's Republic / 112 N. Nevada, Colorado Springs 
$10 cash
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Round Two of Battle of the Brewers is just around the corner. Last time we brought you eight local brewers, we put the brewers into brackets, we chose sixteen random ingredients, and you were the judge for the beers. It was a blast. You selected your four favorite beers in a blind tasting and now the winners of round one are paired up against each other. They've been working endlessly to perfect this round's offering.

On May 19th, join us for Round Two, where once again you'll be the judge. Be there at 4pm SHARP to participate. When the round is over we will announce the winners for the finals and randomly select the two ingredients. For $10 you will get a sample tray with four beers AND you will get a 10oz pour of a beer from a specialty keg.

The Players:
Lone Tree vs. Phantom Canyon (Pineapple and Honey)
Rockyard vs. Shamrock (Almonds and Ginger)

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BeerEric Steen