Video Recap: Battle of the Brewers Round One


Battle of the Brewers was pretty amazing. We opened Brewer's Republic at 4pm and there was a huge line going out the door. Apparently a few other folks were just as interested as we were in seeing what our local brewers could do with a handful of random ingredients. Check out the awesome video that our photo guy Daniel Flanders put together. I think it nicely captures the spirit of the event.Here's the results of the event, and what you can expect for the next match up. We'll have a new date picked soon, as soon as we confirm it with the brewers, so check back often! We expect the date will be mid-late May.Black Cherry and ClementineLone Tree vs. Rock Bottom - Winner was Lone TreePeaches and MolassesRockyard vs. Yak and Yeti - Winner was RockyardBlack Tea and StrawberryPhantom Canyon vs. Kevin Baity Kraft Beer - Winner was Phantom CanyonRaspberry and PumpkinPikes Peak vs. Shamrock - Winner was ShamrockNEXT UPLone Tree vs. Phantom Canyon - Honey and PineappleShamrock vs. Rockyard - Ginger and AlmondsDate and Time: TBD

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