Four New Beers From Bristol!

You are looking at four new labels for Bristol Brewing. We spotted these labels on and checked with Bristol to see if we could post about them. Bristol has had their expansion plans in the works, tripling their brewing capacity, basically opening up a community center at Ivywild, and now we see their intention to really step things up with four new beers. An Imperial IPA and Wit will come in 22oz bottles. The Belgian Style Dubbel and Tripel, part of the Belgian series, will be released in silk-screened 750ml bottles and available in May. I'm curious if the Dubbel will be anything like the B6000, which was also a Dubbel, because that beer was very fun to drink. I'm not sure when the Wit and 2IPA are due out. The labels for the Belgian beers were released on March 15th and the 22oz labels were released on April 5th. I would like to really congratulate Bristol on their hard work.

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BeerEric Steen