For the Love of Beer

I JUST learned that The Love of Beer will be playing twice in Colorado Springs for the Indie Spirit Film Festival. This is a documentary by Alison Grayson in Oregon and features women in the craft beer industry in the Pacific NW. The movie premiered during last year's Portland Beer Week in August. The film was met with a standing ovation and a crowd of over 400 people. I'm very very pumped that this movie will be in Colorado Springs and I cannot recommend enough that you carve out some time to see this. It's coming up quickly though.
Screenings are:

6:45pm tonight (Friday) at Max Kade Theatre / in Armstrong Hall, room 300 at Colorado College
9:00am Sunday (Apr 22) at Studio A / Edith Kenney Gaylord Center at Colorado College

Tickets are $10 apiece if you don't already have a pass to the festival, order full festival tickets here or get them 15 minutes in advance at the venue, if the show hasn't already sold out.

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BeerEric Steen