Elevation will be at the Saison Festival

Elevation Beer Co.

I got word that Elevation Beer Co. will be at the Saison Festival and that this will be the very first time their beers will be available to the public. We interviewed Xandy Bustamante a couple months back to learn more about Elevation and what they're doing out in Poncha Springs. It turns out they're focus is going to be on barrel aged beer of all kinds, here's what they said in the interview:

Our focus will be on seasonal speciality and barrel-aged beers. We will have two year round beers available only on draft in the High Country of CO (Mount Blanca and First Cast IPA) a collection of Brewer's Playground beers (what ever our wild minds come up with) available at our tap room, and then our Black Diamond and Double Black Diamond Series with our Black Diamond focusing on specialty beers (think Double IPA's, Belgians and other fun styles) and our Double Black Diamond which will be all 100% barrel aged.

So, for the Saison Fest we're going to get to taste their first beers - Mount Blanca sounds like a good tasting traditional saison,  as well as their first barrel aged beer, a farmhouse called Signal de Botrange. I don't have the list of all the beers that will be at the festival, but these are going to be high on my priority list. Here are some descriptions:

Mount Blanca - This Colorado Saison pours a golden hay color with a large white fluffy head and traditional Belgian lacing. Aroma notes of lemon, peppercorn, hay, and bread rise om the glass, bringing memories of the smell of harvest in the Colorado high count. The beer is balanced between the light bitterness of its hop profile, bready malt notes, and the natural refreshing light flavors of our Saison yeast strain, a perfect beer for those who tend towards the sweeter, funkier, Belgian side of life. 6%ABV, 25 IBU.

Signal de Botrange -  Pours a dark gold with hues of amber, with a thick off-white head. Aroma notes of oak, vanilla, and subtle floral hops are evident. The beer’s flavor focuses on the funky flavors generated by the Brettanomyces yeast strain and are offset by the notes of vanilla, oak, hay, bread and slight hint of Chardonnay from the Napa Valley wine barrels we aged this complex beer in. The mouthfeel is light and refeshing and slightly dry with a medium-light body. This beer is meant to be laid down in a cool beer cellar as the brett, malt, and vinous flavors further meld into an unbelievable concoction of beer heaven. 7.5% ABV, 26 IBU.

*Photo from Elevation's Facebook page.
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