Battle of the Brewers: Round One

Battle of the Brewers: Round One
Sat. March 31st / 4pm sharp!
Brewer's Republic / 112 N. Nevada, Colorado Springs
$5 for the full flight
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We are proud to introduce the first ever Battle of the Brewers competition in Colorado Springs. We have invited eight local breweries to compete against one another using randomly selected ingredients that we pulled out of a hat! We have used a bracket system so that one brewery is matched up against one other brewery, both producing a beer using the same two ingredients (such as molasses and peaches). The fun part comes when you, our lovely beery readers, will do a blind judging of the beers. March 31st will be Round 1, we will announce the winners of the public vote, announce the date for the next round, and select the random ingredients again right there at the bar for all to see!

So, be sure to be at Brewer's Republic at 4pm on March 31st. For $5 you will get eight beers in sample glasses and you will get a judge. We are limited to only five gallons of each beer, so it will go quickly. Also we are dividing the eight beers into two brackets: Bracket One will be served at 4pm and Bracket Two will be served at 5pm. Here are the brackets, breweries, and random ingredients:

Lone Tree vs Rock Bottom (Black Cherry, Clementine)
Rockyard vs Yak and Yeti (Molasses, Peaches)


Phantom Canyon vs. KBKB (Black Tea, Strawberry)
Shamrock vs. Pikes Peak (Raspberry, Pumpkin)

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