New Brewery Series: Steampunk Brewing

This week we are showcasing some new breweries that are set to open soon in the area. We are very happy to welcome three new breweries to Colorado Springs and one in Poncha Springs, just outside of Salida. This is our final post of the series and will be dedicated to Steampunk Brewing...See the whole New Brewery Series here.

We don't have a ton of information about Steampunk Brewing. I sent Jeff Adkins, one of the folks behind Steampunk Brewing, a few emails and got a response but we never fully connected. My thoughts are that they are perhaps not as advanced in their planning stages as the other three breweries we've mentioned so far. For now, we'll simply tell you what we've found on their website and then we'll be sure to update you if/when we hear anything.

The last update on their Twitter was in December and the last Facebook post was in October. On the website they mention that they've been looking for spaces near downtown Colorado Springs and they checked out a place that already has a brewery locked up in the basement. I'm assuming that's The Warehouse restaurant. On Twitter they mention that they're also interested in Manitou. In a recent email Jeff told me that Manitou fell through for now. I think whoever opens up a brewery in Manitou will do extremely well if they can get the town behind them. They also mentioned that they're starting to look for ways to raise capital and they mentioned Scotland's BrewDog brewery program called "Equity for Punks" where you can buy a share in the company. That's the last information they've made public, but I don't think that means they've not been up to anything. Here's a little from an email I got from them just recently: "We are thinking about a small brewpub/smokehouse and have another spot to see. Code is an issue for us but we'll keep plugging along. We still need more investors and I am working in a plan like Equity For Punks to send to the lawyers." So, even though it's been slow going, it still sounds like things are happening. Anyway, stay tuned for more information from these guys!

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