A Beer Worth Drinking: Boulevard Chocolate Ale

Boulevard's Chocolate Ale really surprised me. I've never had a chocolate beer that wasn't a porter or a stout so when I poured this bright orange-red beer into the glass I wondered if I had opened the wrong bottle. The beer was made in collaboration with Christopher Elbow, who is known for his masterful work with chocolate (I'm not a specialty-chocolate-follower so I've only heard of him in tandem with this beer). Well, after drinking this I know he's gotta be good. The aroma is quite earthy with a clear cocoa character. The taste is really fun and complex, think dark chocolate, like the small specialty brands that you might find at food coops. It's not milk chocolate anyway, somewhat chalky, medium bodied, really nutty malt character, bitter-sweet finish, and some dark fruit notes (think cherry with dark chocolate). It's a complex beer, very unique, makes your mouth water, and definitely a lot of fun to drink. Whoa, 9.1%!!! Who would have guessed?

It's available for sure at Coaltrain and Weber Street Liquor (these are my local spots so I know) but only in short supply so act fast. It may be at other places too but you should call and find out.

How to drink it:
It's a sipper at 9.1%. But the alcohol is a surprise. I'd share the bottle with one or two others.

Where's it from:
Boulevard Brewing, Kansas City, MO

I paid full price for this beer.

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BeerEric Steen