Wild Beer Dinner Coming Up at Trinity

If you can afford it, you should get your tickets to the Wild Beer and Wild Game Beer Dinner at Trinity Brewing before it sells out. With the exception of Avery's Beer and Breakfast dinner at GABF, this may be the most exciting beer dinner I've seen. This will be a six course setting paired with six beers from Trinity, Crooked Stave, AC Golden and the Super Saison League (Buddha Nuvo). These three breweries are perhaps the most innovative in the state as it goes with experimentation with wild yeasts (Avery could be in there too... And yes, AC Golden included, they make damn fine, experimental beer) and they contend with the most innovative breweries in the country.

So, the dinner is pricey for sure at $80 but I just wanted to give you the DL because it should fill quickly. Below you'll find the pairings as well as descriptions of the beer:

Wild Beer and Wild Game Dinner
February 12 / Seating at 8pm
$80 - RSVP Only - 719.634.0029
At Trinity Brewing, Colorado Springs

Course 1

Old Growth (2011) with hors d'oeuvres.
Colorado cheddar fondue with apples, pears and assorted local breads.

Old Growth Vintage 2011, Trinity Brewing. Flemmish Inspired Wild Brown. Aging this beer on oak barrels for anywhere between 6-18 months resident microbes create a balanced acetic and malic tart brown ale. Inspired by the original Flemmish beers of ancient Belgium this extremely rare bottle has notes of green apple, lemon bar, kiwi, bitter leather, and wet wool. Old Growth has been rated in the top 2% of the sours in the entire world since we released it back in 2008. 5.8% ABV; Brewer, Darren Baze.

Course 2

Hidden Barrel Project Apricot with salad.
Salt-baked peppered trout salad with sage and a light citronette on locally grown greens.

Hidden Barrel Project Apricot, AC Golden. Pale sour beer aged on French oak barrels for 10 months. Decidedly balanced towards fruit, 2 pounds of apricot per gallon were added to this wild beer; Brewer, Troy Casey.

Course 3

TPS Report 2012 with appetizer.
Roasted bone marrow with toasted brioche and leek jam.

TPS Report 2012, Trinity Brewing. Experimental Flanders blonde. If you love the wild side of Belgium then you will love our TPS Report. The grain bill for this beer includes delicate flaked oats and flaked wheat, that we accent with tangerine zest, lemon zest, and lime zest. Fermented 100% with Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus, this beer is focused on a funky farmhouse profile while balanced with earthy and citrus notes . Our 2012 vintage is aged on Chardonnay barrels and rose petals. GABF GOLD MEDAL 2009, Experimental beer; 4.8% ABV; Brewer, Darren Baze

Course 4

Wild Wild Brett Green with our entree.
Chorizo stuffed pheasant with mushroom wild rice and crispy kale.

Wild Wild Brett Green 2011, Crooked Stave. An Empirically Hoppy Brettanomyces Ale. Fermented entirely with Brettanomyces yeast and over 4lbs of hops per barrel of beer. Green pours a golden hue delivering fruity and citrusy aromas from the use of Galaxy hops, while the Brettanomyces yeast add their own tropical fruit and funky undertones to the finish; Brewer, Chad Yakobson.

Course 5

The Flavor 2011 with main course.
Grilled lamb chop with red potato and goat cheese au gratin and celery root carrot slaw.

The Flavor 2011, Trinity Brewing. Triple Cherry Dark Sour. Yes, we have done it. We’ve combined all of the complex flavors of dark malt with: coffee and three varieties of cherries. We then aged this beer on our sour barrels for long periods of time to create our most coveted and complex bottle. Huge cherry and malic are balanced with roast and chocolate malts while subtle green apple, barnyard, leather, and coffee dance throughout the palate. 5.8% ABV.

Course 6

Buddha Nuvo with dessert.
Pumpkin and Buddha's

Buddha Nuvo 2011, Collaboration. A golden Saison crafted with golden rolled oats, spelt, and a copious amount of pumpkin to create a dynamic and exceedingly creamy mouth feel. Rye malt, a mélange of whole peppercorns, and the use of 7 unique Saison yeasts create dry and spicy notes. We then added 7 varieties of Brettanomyces and aged this beer in fresh American oak Chardonnay barrels along with the zest of Buddha’s Hand to create signature earthy and fruit tones. A truly unique Saison brewed by some of the most talented beer makers in the industry. 12.0% ABV; Brewer, Super Saison League of Friends.

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