Two Innovative Beers at Old Chicago Right Now

I was a huge fan of the Deschutes/Boulevard collaborative White IPA. I've had a few bottles of each version and I think I tended to like the Deschutes version a little more, although what do I know, the Boulevard version won a medal at GABF. The beer was different than most Belgian IPAs in that it didn't just take an IPA and use Belgian yeast, it took a Belgian Wit, with coriander, lemongrass, and sage and seamlessly merged it with a NW IPA. The beer was perhaps one of the most drinkable experimental beers of 2011. Well, I recently read that Deschutes will be releasing Chainbreaker White IPA into it's flagship lineup because the beer has done so well in Oregon. This version was actually an early attempt at the collaboration and is more hop forward than the one we got to try here. Sounds awesome! So, on twitter, I asked Deschutes when we'll get to see this beer and they said it's already here...At Old Chicago!

I don't know how Old Chicago does it, but they do it. It's not my favorite place in the world, as it feels a bit corporate and uncomfortable for me, but they're always working to make sure they have some special beers.

Old Chicago also currently has the Oskar Blues HGH Part Duh (Home Grown Hops). Oskar Blues is calling this a "farm raised strong ale" because it's brewed with hops locally grown at Oskar Blues Hops & Heifers farm. The beer is finished with a dry hopping of Amarillo hops, double dry hopped with Centennial, Summit, and the first crop of Cascade hops. So you can try a beer that has it's hop characteristic originating from a sustainable-model brewery-owned local farm.

These beers will be at Old Chicago for the next couple weeks or until the beer runs out.
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