Recent Posts from the Beer Blogosphere

Recently there's been a ton of interesting reading on the beer blogosphere. I'm going to show you some of the things that we've been reading and inspired by very recently.

- From Homebrewing to the Big Leagues - An Interview with Nebraska Brewing - Very informative and insightful look into how a homebrewer became a successful commercial brewer.

- Brewing Up Power: Beer Maker Finalizes Biofuels Project - Alaskan Brewing has worked sixteen years to make a new boiler where the brewery's own malt waste will be its sole energy source. How awesome is that!!!

- Surly Brewing’s Omar Ansari on supply and demand challenges - More breweries are opening and it's getting harder and harder to get the ingredients you need as a brewery, so what does this mean and how do you work around it?

- Cantillon experiments with Amphoras - When Cantillon brewer Jean Van Roy tasted a wine that blew his socks off he learned that the wine had been aged in now he's doing that with some beer...

- Shattering Beers Glass Ceiling: The Rise of Women Brewers - The women brewers from Victory, Stone, and Cambridge Brewing are collaborating on a beer. This article tracks some of their thoughts on being in the beer industry.

- The Future of Brewing Barley - Things aren't looking so good as the demand for barley grows but the ability to expand it's growth isn't quite there.

- Calling Time on the Pint - One author's thoughts on the pint glass, that it is an outdated vessel and should be replaced. He's got plenty of reasons why this is so. Not sure I agree.

- Don't Cook With Expensive Beer! - It's Pub Night talks a bit about brewing with expensive beer, is it really that different than a less expensive beer of the same style, and why wouldn't you just drink it!

- Interview with Greg Kock of Stone Brewing - The New School Beer blog interviews Stone Greg about the beer industry and Stone's plans. Part 2 is also available but I'll let you seek that out..

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