Pikes Peak's Firkin Night

Last night I was able to make it up to the Firkin night at Pikes Peak Brewing. The beer had already sold out by the time we got there but we had a friend at the bar save a pint for us. The beer was a Cedar aged IPA and it was really great. It turns out it's the same beer as the Elephant Rock IPA, just with a cedar spiral added to the firkin. The pint I had had sat out a good hour before I got there but the carbonation was still good. I also am pretty sure I got the bottom of the firkin because it was overly yeasty, but I did get a good feeling for the beer. The hop aroma and flavor were surprisingly strong, usually cask mellows that out a bit more. The cedar I thought was a nice compliment to the hops, with a bit of a peppery wood flavor. Wish I had been there to order a couple pints.

Looks like Pikes Peak Brewing will be hosting a firkin night on the last Monday of every month. Next month the plan is to do the Gold Rush with some oak, and then maybe we'll see a straight Mild. Based on my experience last night I'd say that these will be worth going to and that perhaps the brewery should consider permanently adding a full pump and cask to the bar.
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BeerEric Steen