Jason Leeman Taps Tons At Rock Bottom

I got this amazing email this morning from Rock Bottom with the subject "Good News on Rotating Brews" and part of the email reads "Come Drink My Beer" as well as "Enjoy these rotating beers and be sure to raise a toast to me, the Brewmaster." Then I saw that from Jan 24 - Feb 19, Rock Bottom in Colorado Springs will be tapping a whole slew of Jason Leeman's beers: Zombier Apocalypse, Abbey Tripel, Warning Sign (Barrel Aged), Gibralter, Goat Toppler, Avaste Ye Rogues, and Wittastic. I've had the Warning Sign and Goat Toppler and I really really enjoyed those beers. In fact I'm a big fan of most of what Jason Leeman brews. I hope it doesn't come as a surprise because I do mention that I'm a fan of his beer, although perhaps we don't talk about them enough on this blog. Rock Bottom can get a bad rep because it's a franchise and the brewers have had to start making beer from recipes that Rock Bottom provided. Jason, however, has had extra taps available for his own creations.

Anyway, I emailed him asking what the styles of these beers were, and to see if he'd comment on the nature of this event. Considering Rock Bottom has him making a number of their own beers, Come Drink My Beer seems like an interesting thing to say. He told me that he'd be around on Friday "hanging out for the very purpose of conversation like that."

Hmm, honestly I don't know what's up but I like the sound of it. We're going to do what we can to go try some of these beers and hopefully we'll be there when Jason is. I'd recommend going to this thing.

Rock Bottom is located at: 3316 Cinema Pt., Colorado Springs
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