Firkin Rendezvous is Coming...

The Firkin Rendezvous was one of our favorite festivals last year and it's just around the corner again already. Breweries from all over the state take a shot at making some cask conditioned beer, so if the beer is not already a one-off, it's usually different than usual because it's cask. We were very pleased with the fest last year, here's a recap. The festival will benefit the Colorado Brewer's Guild. Better get your tickets before they sell out!

Tapping a firkin

What's a Firkin? I'm glad you asked. A firkin is a 10 gallon (approximately) cask where beer is fermented and then served straight from that container through the use of either gravity or a hand-pump. The firkin needs to be tapped with a mallet (see image above)! This is very different than the kegged beer that you get normally. Kegged beer uses C02 or Nitro  to carbonate, but in a cask or firkin, the carbonation occurs naturally. Aditionally a beer will enter it's secondary fermentation in a firkin as well, whereas sometimes beer in kegs has not been allowed to finish secondary fermentation. These beers will taste smoother and rounder (an effect that nitro taps try to mimic) and many of the subtler flavors will be pronounced. Also, I enjoy cask because I can differentiate hops much better. This is how beer in many parts of the world has traditionally been made up until the last 70 or so years, it is still very popular in Britain, and it is a lovely way to drink.

Firkin Rendezvous
At Bristol Brewing / Feb. 18th / 2:00pm (1:00 for VIP)
$35 regular / $50 VIP
Get your tickets: 719-633-2555 x11

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BeerEric Steen