The Year in Photos (2011)

It's been a great year for beer in Colorado Springs! Amen! Here's a whole bunch of photos that summarize some of the experiences we've had this year. Some images are from the blog, some from our Twitter, some are in town, some are out of state, some we haven't even shown you yet. With the exception of the first image, these are basically in chronological order:

Our sticker found a home. Dec. 2011

Wild beer tasting workshop at Vail Big Beer Fest
Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head pouring me a beer at Vail Big Beer Fest
Jason and Bryan at Brewer's Republic
The beer aisle at a grocery store in Oregon. We could have this, you know.
Jason Yester mashing in at Rockyard for the Buddha Nuvo beer
Troy Casey of AC Golden pouring corn sugar into Buddha Nuvo,
saying something along the lines of "I never put this much corn sugar
into my beers!"
John Schneider and John Vinson adding pumpkin to the Buddha Nuvo
Pikes Peak Brewing, before any of the equipment was brought in.
Dennis De Boer at the Rocky Mountain Brewing Symposium showing off his Juniper ale.
Dennis moved away and got a job at Oskar Blues.
Some of the Boulder Beer crew at the Rocky Mountain Brewing Symposium at UCCS
Kjell Wygan and Jim Stinson at the Firkin Rendezvous
Tapping the firkin at the Firkin Rendezvous at Brisol
Isaac puts Pliny and Myrcenary head to head
Ro Guenzel of Left Hand sends a picture of the tree he used to smoke the Fade to Black 2
Some lovely beers at Papago Brewing in Arizona
Drinking a Ska Brewing True Blonde straight off the canning line
Larry Liston's beer bill for 3.2+ beers in grocery stores gets shut down
Jason Yester enjoying the Saison Festival at Trinity
A beautiful day at the Saison Festival
A crowd pleasing Straight Up Saison by Epic Brewing
Saison Festival
Lefty at the Big Brew day at Rocky Mountain Brewery
Jason at the Big Brew Day, making a beer on his three tier system
Beer Portraits, part of an exhibition Eric was a part of at La Esquina gallery in Kansas City, MO
From our Twitter: Driving through Kansas on a Sunday
2nd place trivia prize at Brewer's Republic: Drinking beer out of a unicorn...
Phantom Canyon's Barleywine was an excellent beer
Isaac getting a little greedy at Odell
Pikes Peak Brewing is in business, and really kicks ass during their opening
From our Twitter: Robbie sends coasters and beer labels from Glasgow.
Eric helped make some of the labels.
Jim and Jason signing Buddha Nuvo bottles
Barrels at Crooked Stave
Chad Yakobson of Crooked Stave pours us beer straight from the barrel
At Phantom Canyon, tasting the cask IPA and the new non-cask version
Beers Made By Walking, hike #1 at Garden of the Gods
Lou sniffs a Ponderosa Pine during a hike for Beers Made By Walking
Congratulations to Bristol on their 6000th batch!
Colorado Native during the rainstorm at the Craft Lager Festival
Jason Leeman of Rock Bottom COS and his equipment
Miss Brewer competition at Brewer's Republic
The sample trays and menu for Beers Made By Walking tasting #1
The four brewers and Eric at Beers Made By Walking
Having a REAL GOOD TIME at Trinity's Anniversary Party
The Brewer's Republic crew during their first anniversary party
Finally got to try the Buddha Nuvo. Good beer!
Beer Tap TV closes down
Beers Made By Walking Hike #4 at Mueller State Park
Beers Made By Walking in Mueller State Park
We run into the Denver Off The Wagon crew in Denver
Coaltrain celebrates 30 years!
Walking through tunnels for Beers Made By Walking hike 5 in Manitou
Our good pals Leah and Jessie bartending at Brewer's Republic
Good times at GABF
We meet up with Angelo of Brewpublic at Avery during GABF
Some love from New Belgium's Michael Bussman at GABF
Zenia Brink hiking with us for Beers Made By Walking on the Catamount Trail
From our Twitter: Two hour line for Bristol's Venetucci Pumpkin Ale
Eric speaks with Left Hand's Ro Guenzel at the Big Feed in Yuma
Chad Yakobson rolls out his beer in Colorado Springs, starting with Another Pint
Grant and Isaac hanging with Mike Bristol during the Winter Warlock party
Our readers doing a pumpkin ale judging
Eric talking with some folks at the bar during Beers Made By Walking
The four brewers and Eric for the final Beers Made By Walking event
Performa Brew Pub: a pop up homebrew bar Eric organized in New York City
From our Twitter: At The Distillery in Savannah, Georgia. A fantastic sign.
From our Twitter: A beautiful imported beer we drank in Georgia.
Had to stick this in here somehow.
Tony and Stephanie Hockemeyer, new owners of Another Pint, formerly A Second Cup
From our Twitter: John Schneider, of Black Fox Brewing, shows us photos from his surgery
Good times at Front Range BBQ
The homebrew club makes beer at Rockyard (image by Robert Cloutier)
For our anniversary party at Trinity, Kirk wears a shirt that reads "Nobody Cares About Your Beer Blog."

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