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We were way too busy having fun during our Anniversary Party to take lots of photos and do a real write up. I will say a few things and then I'll show you a couple good photos. If you were there, you know that all the beers were killer, the line up was totally ridiculous, and the place was jam packed to the point of not being able to move. Thank you all so much for coming out and having a good time with us! Really this blog is here to help grow our craft beer scene, and so you are a big part of the reason why we do this. We'll have plenty more events in the future and we hope to out-do that party next year.

Okay, I've only got four photos. Like I said, we were busy partying. But check out Kirk's shirt that night:

Nobody Cares / About Your Beer Blog

Brilliant! Thanks Kirk and Keaton for that one. I love it! Those were taken with my phone, and I really had to muck around with the shadows to get the lighting so that you could read the shirt. That's why we've got Dan around to take better photos:

Yes, I did get to stand on the bar to make announcements and do the raffle...

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