Meet the Brewer: John Schneider of Black Fox

We all love Black Fox Brewing and we just can't get enough of their beer. They are indeed a mysterious brewing operation, every now and again we hear stories of broken bones, crazy collaborations, coffee caramel saisons, malt liquor, surgeries, chocolate pepper saisons, shirts that have been banned in other drinking establishments, skateboarding, punk rock, and beers that disappear much too quickly.

So, Another Pint is doing a good thing by hosting a Black Fox Meet the Brewer night. I'm not totally certain what beers will be on tap. As you may know, Black Fox contract-brews out of Bristol, and the beers don't come out on a regular schedule. Nonetheless, it will be nice to get to hang out with John Schneider and have him talk about his beer. I would also suggest asking him about the photo for this poster: we see him with crutches, a PBR, skateboard, and photos from his reconstructive surgery...

Meet the Brewer: John Schneider of Black Fox
When: Saturday Dec. 10, 7pm
Where: Another Pint / 13860 Gleneagle Drive, Colorado Springs

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BeerEric Steen