Focus on the Beer top 10 Beer spots in Colorado Springs: #4 Brewer's Republic

Here is #6 from the Focus on the Beer list of the top 10 beer spots in the Colorado Springs area. We are starting at #10 and working our way down to #1 in the upcoming weeks. The rest of the Top 10 can be found here. Let us know what you think!

#6 Beer Spot of Colorado Springs: Brewer's Republic

In only a little over a year, Brewer's Republic has carved out a great beer drinking niche in downtown Colorado Springs. It's a small quaint bar, similar to a coffee shop, with an impressive assortment of fine ales and lagers on tap.

The Beer: There are 12 rotating taps of only local Colorado beer at all times with some specialty bottles for sale. Because of the small space there is only room for 5 gallon kegs which is in some ways an advantage, the taps are different every time you come in. The owners Jason, Dave, and Brian have made really great connections with the local distributors and have been able to get limited kegs of the rarest and hardest to find beers in Colorado.

The Food: An assortment of fine pub fare including appetizers, sandwiches, pizza, and even fried twinkies are available. Not quite your typical small bar food but that's part of the charm. Everything is made in house at the adjacent Underground bar.

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The Atmosphere: There is always something happening at Brewer's Republic. A few of the events that have taken place since Brewer's Republic has opened include 80's action movie wednesdays, Think and Drink trivia every Thursday, Tuesday night bike club, Buy the beer keep the glass pint nights, Beers Made By Walking, chili cook-off, miss brewers pageant, Holiday parties, beer dinner's, and live local music. The thing that really makes this place worth coming back night after night is the intimate atmosphere. There's a really good chance you'll run into someone you know and it's also a good place to make new friends. The couches are cozy, the bar is comfortable, the staff is knowledgeable and can help you find the right beer. There's a nice upstairs patio that's good any time of the year and a small patio out front for warm days. It's easy for the hours to pass and you not even realize it.

Overall: Brewer's Republic is a quaint small bar that focuses on Colorado-Only craft beer. They have definitely filled a niche in downtown Colorado Springs that had been lacking before their arrival. They have many regular customers and, over time, Brewer's Republic starts to feel like home and family. The place really speaks for itself. Stop by once for a pint if you haven't already and see how long it takes you to become a regular.

Brewer's Republic
112 North Nevada Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

BeerEric Steen