8 Holiday gift ideas for that special beer drinker

It's that time of year again and Christmas is just a mere two weeks away. If you're looking for some gift ideas, we've got a few. Everyone knows someone who loves beer, and whether they are just beer drinkers who enjoy a pint now and then or an expert home brewer, here is a Christmas list that I'm sure they would enjoy.

Brewing starter kit: $60-$220
A great gift for that special someone and a great way to make beer for less money while having fun at the same time.

Available in a wide range of beginning to expert, extract to all-grain, these are sure to please those who are interested in getting to learn the brewing process for themselves. Available locally at Old West Brewing Supply, Winecrafters at Rocky Mountain Brewery, in Monument at High Country Home and Garden, or online from Northern Brewer. We'd also recommend picking up Charlie Papazian's Joy of Homebrewing book to help out the first time homebrewers.

Beer of the Month Club: $23 - $70/month

The gift that keeps on giving, for a year at least. The beer of the month club allows that special someone to try rare beers from all over the world. A variety of different options allow you to choose from U.S. microbrews, international, and rare beers that are very difficult to get.
Whales: $40+
If you don't think they are worthy of an entire years subscription to beer you could always try your luck on e-bay for whales (extremely limited, very hard to find beers). A few of the popular ones this year are three floyd's dark lord, cigar city hunahpu, and westvleteren 12. They're pretty pricy but they will love you for it.
For those of you that don't get up to the Mile High City often enough, this is your chance. A guided walking tour allows you to see why Denver is the microbrew capital of the world. For $25 you get the chance to sample 10+ beers and learn about the history of Denver and how beer has made in influence on the city.
Belgian beer gift pack $24 - $36

Beer gift packs include a sampling of different beers and a glass from a single brewery. Nothing too fancy but a good idea for those that are into collecting cool glassware and into trying hard to get beers. Coaltrian Wine and Spirits (330 West Uintah Street Colorado Springs) have Chimay, St. Bernardus, and Boulevard Smokestack packs.

Skorzie: $12.99
A koozie that helps you keep score for games like ping pong. Made in Denver, the skorzie is made from stainless steel lined with a high quality foam. Useful for the active beer drinker who is tired of keeping score in their head.

Another Pint Beer Dinner: $40

Another pint beer dinners are a great time. Offering reasonably priced 5 course beer pairings from renowned breweries every first Monday of the month. The next beer dinner is for Avery Brewing and takes place in January. This particular dinner will surely be one you wouldn't want to miss.
Books: $15-$30
Mountain Brew by Ed Sealover tells the story of brewpubs around Colorado. Highlighting many of the beer spots in Colorado and telling the stories of why they are each unique and special.

Brewed Awakening: Behind the Beers and Brewers Leading the World's Craft Beer Revolution by Joshua Bernstein explains why craft beer is making leaps and bounds in popularity. Here's a review from Sam Calagione, Dogfish Head founder, “Brewed Awakening has something for every beer lover, but I think it is most ideal for upping the beer IQ of those just entering our ranks. It demystifies the brewing process and the international craft brewing movement.”

Brew Dogs of Colorado pays a special tribute to the wonderful relationship that dogs play in the Colorado craft beer industry. The book includes pictures of the brewers of Colorado with their special dogs.

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