We had the pleasure of attending the Cerberus Brewing 2nd Anniversary on September 8th.  Featuring their usual excellent beer and food offerings along with a whole pig roast, and some special tappings for their anniversary.  Check out our photo recap of their special day!


Cerberus swag is always excellent
Chef Mark and his crew roasted two whole pigs to feed the anniversary party-goers. This was their pig roaster. An impressive vessel that mimics pit cooking in a portable case.
Party hats were everywhere. What else are you going to wear to a birthday party?
Numerous anniversary beers were available, including 2017 Paradise Lost and it’s vanilla and coffee variants, as well as an anniversary double IPA, DDH Elysium double IPA, Not-So-Tiny Umbrella Party double IPA, and some new Hel imperial stouts in marshmallow vanilla and maple coffee.
Everyone was VERY excited to try the new beers.
Cerberus staff rocking the 2nd Anniversary shirts
The calm before the storm in the Cerberus beer garden
These Elysium shirts are new, and rocking a new logo variant
Happy Birthday, Cerberus!
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