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Buy this Beer: Melvin Brewing Chuck Morris

Welcome to the second iteration of Buy this Beer! Last week we told you to go out and get Pikes Peak’s Incline IPA, and this week we’re keeping the hops coming with Melvin’s latest Rotational IPA release.

“Crafted in Jackson, WY, with what actually began as Morris IPA, we accidentally over-hopped it and turned off the heat exchanger, and the batch took 14 days to ferment. Not afraid of stepping into the madness, we then submitted the beer to the National IPA Championships, and made it to the Final 4. Soon after, Melvin Brewing’s Jamie Morris and his wife had their third daughter. They named her Charlotte, nicknamed her Chuck, and thus the new Chuck Morris was born.”

This beer pulls no punches like many of Melvin Brewing’s beer, with hops and malt intertwined in a glorious hop-bomb. It’s everything we love about IPAs, with citrusy and piney hops assaulting our senses sip after sip, gulp after gulp. At 8%ABV, it drinks like some of its lesser alcoholic brethren, and we’re now out a four-pack of beer.

Chuck Morris will be around for a bit, but as with all of Melvin’s rotational releases, it will disappear at some point, so stock up now.

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