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Taproom Roulette – The 719 Gastropub

This article was at one point going to be about alternatives for craft beer on tap with the untimely closing of Brewer’s Republic, but knowing what we know now… Brewer’s Republic is dead, long live Brewer’s Republic.

This article was at one point going to be about alternatives for craft beer on tap with the untimely closing of Brewer’s Republic, but knowing what we know now…Brewer’s Republic is dead, long live Brewer’s Republic. While we’re thrilled to hear that Brewer’s Republic will be back in action in the next month or two, that still leaves us as consumers with a gap to fill for beers on tap.

Where do we go from here?

We’ve got a few suggestions in that area: Tap Traders, Trails End Taproom, Doghaus Biergarten, and Brass Tap all have an impressive array of beers on tap and a commitment to craft beer handles, but none of them can match the volume that 719 Gastropub is putting forth right now. With over 100 craft beers on tap, they are worth your time and attention, and maybe a second look if you have not been there recently.

719 Gastropub, on the north end of Colorado Springs near the Bass Pro Shops, is in the midst of a minor renaissance with their new staff, including a new chef, and a new menu that debuts on Monday, January 22nd. The new menu will introduce some additional bar fare like chicken wings that were previously not on the menu, along with some additional burgers and a patty melt while retaining some of their better items like poutine and fried pickles. They will continue to offer brunch on weekends as well.

What is also consistent for 719 is their beer selection. You can count on New Holland Brewing’s Dragon’s Milk and Horse and Dragon’s Sad Panda being on tap – as they are the favorites of the owner and his wife, respectively. They are also the only place to obtain certain beers not found anywhere else in the Springs. Slow Pour Pils from Bierstadt Lagerhaus in Denver was recently featured, and you can find offerings from other popular Denver breweries like New Image, Wibby, Station 26, and Platt Park just to name a few. They have Weldwerks and Odd13 on tap fairly regularly as well, and they just added Goat Patch beers in the past week.

Craft Only, Thanks

What you won’t find are tap handles belonging to corporate beer brands (one notable exception is local brewster (and new owner of Great Storm Brewing) Jess Fierro’s Dona Neta which is still on tap – as brewed by ABInBev brand Golden Road). Ben Woessner, the owner, has said he intends to keep the handles full of craft offerings only, so you can count on a vast selection of craft beers ranging from lagers to sours to hard-hitting barrel-aged stouts and barleywines at any time.

If you’ve never been up to the 719 Gastropub, it’s worth a look. Make an afternoon of it and check them out along with the other taprooms in the immediate area. It’s a pub crawl you could literally crawl.

Josh Howard
Written By

Josh has been a homebrewer for 14 years and is a BJCP certified beer judge. He primarily enjoys hoppy beers, sour beers, and anything aged in a bourbon barrel.


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