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Now that was a firkin good time

We went firkin crazy. And then some.

Bristol Brewing hosted their 12th Firkin Rendezvous yesterday. It was awesome, like we expected, but for reasons we didn’t expect. Here’s three takeaways:

1. There weren’t as many sours as last year.

Last year, it seemed everyone was jumping on the sour bandwagon, and our stomach paid the price. It wasn’t a bad thing, but this year’s variety kept everyone going around the room a bit more. That said, what was the first cask to empty?  Mockery Brewing‘s Cantaloupe Lacto Sour. We were loving some of the darker beers this year, from Rockyard‘s Chocolate Caramel Oatmeal Stout(which tasted like cold brew coffee) to Phantom Canyon’s bourbon barrel-aged porter.

2. Bristol expanded the perimeters.

In years past, Firkin always harkened back to our mosh pit days, with everyone shoulder to shoulder crammed into the brewhouse. This year, Bristol opened their Barrel-room and the Gym upstairs to make room for everyone. It was a smart move, as there seemed to be a better flow and much more standing room.

3. Lots of great beers and breweries.

There was some great variety in breweries at this year’s Firkin Rendezvous, but we always want to see more local places being showcased. Our count had Pikes Peak, Phantom Canyon, Bristol, Paradox, Iron Bird, Fieldhouse, and Smiling Toad rounding out the local representation. From what we understand, it’s becoming very competitive to get a space in the Rendezvous and Bristol has done a great job expanding the variety each year. The selection and variety of beer are what makes Firkin Rendezvous one of the better beer festivals of the year.

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