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Firkin Number Eleven Photo Recap

Well, Snowmageddon 2015 arrived close to a day late, but that helped everyone make it to and from Bristol Brewing for their 11th Firkin Rendezvous! It was definitely a blast!

Only a few people complained about the space, mainly that there wasn’t much room to roam, but overall I think everyone had a great time. This year, like last year, the Firkin Rendezvous was held in Bristol’s brewhouse, and things were a little crowded, but if you knew where to stand it wasn’t as bad as it could be. They opened up the area under their patio, effectively Bristol’s “barrel room” where food and merchandise were being sold. We did wish they had integrated the food into the tasting a little more, with it being in a completely different room, there was a sort of disconnect. Maybe putting some of the more popular firkins in the barrel room (or some special Bristol ones?) could drive people to move around a bit more and not clog up the main area. If you were one of the ones who thought it was a bit crowded, remember this is only the second year they’ve done things over at Ivywild and they’ll keep tweaking!

Anyways, the beer was definitely our highlight from the fest including ones from Wynkoop, Pikes Peak Brewing, Barrels and Bottles (a white russian beer?!), Crooked Stave, Blue Spruce, and so many more that were super delicious. Thanks to Kristen and everyone at Bristol Brewing for having us! Here’s some views from the afternoon:

bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-38 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-1 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-2 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-3 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-4 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-5 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-6 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-7 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-8 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-9 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-10 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-11

Some of the beers elicited interesting reactions...

Some of the beers elicited interesting reactions…

bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-13 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-14 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-15 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-16 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-17 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-18 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-19 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-20 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-21 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-22 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-23 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-24 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-25 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-26 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-27 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-28 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-29 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-30 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-31 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-32 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-33 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-34 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-35 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-36 bristol-firkin-rendezvous-2015-37


Lots of happy faces! We’ll see you all next year!

Ryan Hannigan
Written By

It's not what's on your glass, but what is inside it that truly matters. Drink good beer and surround yourself with good people who drink good beer and life will be merry.


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