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Meet the Brewer: Avery Brewing on Nov. 7th

Meet the Brewer: Avery Brewing
Thurs. Nov. 7th / 7pm
Front Range BBQ / 2330 W. Colorado Ave., Colorado Springs
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Avery Brewing is well known across the United States for beers that push the boundaries of the craft brewing industry. They show off the maturity of their beer portfolio by including 18% ABV stouts and puckery barrel aged treasures, along with their well-known and delicately balanced easy drinkers like White Rascal, Ellie’s Brown Ale, and Joe’s Pils. That’s why we’ve been looking forward to announcing this for months and months – Avery Brewing will be joining us for a very special Meet the Brewer event on November 7th at Front Range BBQ.

Joining us will be Matt Thrall and Andy Parker. Matt is Avery’s head brewer, and Andy is the the head of the barrel aged beer program. We interviewed them for our Cellarmanship video series, and we encourage you to check out that video. They will talk about the beer that they make, their roles in the industry, what’s coming up at Avery, they can geek out with you, and they’ll be available to chat one on one.

For the event we will have a fantastic lineup of Avery beer, including a number of beers normally only available in their Boulder taproom, some regular favorites, a number of aged bottles from their barrel series, some big beers, and some small beers. Here’s the list:

Draft List
  • Lilikoi – Avery’s famous White Rascal with Hawaiian passion fruit purée added. 5.6% ABV.
  • Out of Sight – Coffee-infused Stout. 6.5% ABV.
  • Uberschwein – Double dry-hopped Barleywine style or Imperial Red Ale. This beer doesn’t belong to one pure style. 9.2 % ABV.
  • Joe’s Pils – A wonderfully balanced, easy drinking Premium American Pils. 4.7% ABV.
  • Czar – A rich, balanced, and complex Imperial Stout from the Dictator Series. 10-12% ABV.
Very Limited Bottled Beers

  • Rumpkin 2011 – Pumpkin Ale aged in Rum Barrels
  • Rumpkin 2012 – Pumpkin Ale aged in Rum Barrels
  • Rumpkin 2013 – Pumpkin Ale aged in Rum Barrels
  • Muscat d’ Amour 2012 – Wild fermented ale with Muscat Grapes, aged in Chardonnay Barrels
  • Oud Floris 2012 – Sour Brown aged in various wine and liquor barrels
  • Odio Equum 2012 – Sour Ale aged with Raspberries in Cabernet Sauvignon Barrels
  • Uncle Jacobs Stout 2012 – A huge Imperial Stout aged 6 months in Bourbon Barrels
  • Uncle Jacobs 2013 – A huge Imperial Stout aged 6 months in Bourbon Barrels
  • Samaels 2013 – Oak Aged English-Style Strong Ale
  • Momi Hiwa 2013 – Porter with coconut, aged in Rum Barrels

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Eric teaches art, loves being outdoors, and organizes beer events around the country. He founded Focus on the Beer and Beers Made By Walking.


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