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7th Edition Colorado Beer Map

The People Behind the Map Left to Right: Rick Mazzola, Carol White, and Mike Laur reading the newest Beer Drinker’s Guide to Colorado


“Bigger, Better, & Beerier Than Ever!” The folks at Beer Drinkers Guide to Colorado (BDG2C) are releasing their Updated 7th Edition tomorrow at Brewers Rendezvous in Salida, CO. I stopped in their office to check out the changes and had the chance to chat with the folks behind the map in order to give you a bit of a sneak peak!

The biggest difference is the number of breweries. There are 59 new breweries listed this year bringing the total to 224. Carol White of BDG2C does all of the research for new breweries. “The industry is exploding!” Carol said. “There are more and more breweries all the time. As soon as an edition is published, I start looking for new breweries for the next one.” The very last thing they do is the painstaking placement of all the pint glasses on the map. Rick Mazzola said that if a new brewery opens that starts at the beginning of the alphabet, every other number has to be changed.

What does it take for a brewery to make the list? BDG2C said they try to only include those that have a location and have started brewing. Many times, this includes places that haven’t quite opened their doors. However, this allows the map to stay up to date a bit longer. Having a map allows them to better keep up with this rapidly growing industry in comparison to other publications.

The new map laying on top of the several coupons included in this edition
There were several other minor changes done to improve the look, details, and quality of the map. “This is hands down the best map we’ve done, technically, aesthetically, informationally, and beerily,” said Mike Laur of BDG2C. Many efforts have been put in to their updated map and website since the last edition’s release over a year ago. Locals to the Pikes Peak Region will enjoy a new section with a closer look at the Colorado Springs vicinity. This is necessary with the total of Colorado Springs breweries and brew pubs reaching 21 this year. It lists a few anticipated breweries as well including Nano 108, Manitou Brewing Co, Fierro’s Nice Brews, and Lofty Brewing Company. Even longer than before, there is a lengthy list of coupons that blow the maps value out of the park. The coupon book gives you 52 reasons to buy the map this year with that many coupons from breweries, brew pubs, tap houses, homebrew shops and liquor stores.

The staff at Beer Drinker’s Guide to Colorado were really excited about some of the new coupons. There are some really great deals from breweries and liquor stores. Coupons in the Colorado Springs area include J&K Liquors, Front Range BBQ, Brewer’s Republic, Bristol, Colorado Mountain, Nano 108, Paradox, Phantom Canyon, Pikes Peak, Rocky Mountain, Smiling Toad, and Ute Pass. Don’t forget the great excuse the map gives you for beerventures across the state. Mike Laur loves the opportunity the map has given to tourists as well. Whenever he is out and someone asks for directions Mike takes out the map to show someone how to get somewhere. He’s gotten some mixed responses, but most everyone loves this useful tool. “It’s not just about good beer, it’s informational too!” Mike recently gave a copy to a couple from Poland heading to the Royal Gorge and they were ecstatic with all of the parks, 14ers, ski areas, historical bars, and beer information in addition to the listed breweries. “The more people that get out to enjoy these attractions, the better it is for everyone.” Pick up a copy, see what all Colorado has to offer, and enjoy it with a pint!
The map will be available in Salida for $15, and will be on their website soon after. You can also grab yourself and some friends copies in most of your local breweries.

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