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Red Leg Brewing Grand Opening on July 4th!

Yesterday we received some big news from our new pals over at Red Leg Brewing. They are ready to open their doors and begin serving their beer! Just a few months ago we met up with Todd Baldwin and Jeff Lockhart, and familiarized readers with the brewery’s military theme, as well as their vision for the next couple years. You should check out that article if you haven’t seen it yet.

It sounds like everything has gone according to plan and they are right on point with their projected timeline. The brewery isn’t releasing the names of the beers quite yet, they want it to be a surprise on opening day. Make sure you come down and support these guys on July 4th! Here’s a link to their Facebook page, and a link to a video they made to announce the party. We’ll be at the opening to experience their beers and get some photos of you all drinking together, so we’ll see you there! And big congratulations to Red Leg!

Red Leg Brewing Grand Opening
July 4th / 12pm / 4630 Forge Road, Colorado Springs

The new Red Leg Brewing logo

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