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Why Craft Beer?


It’s the Tuesday after American Craft Beer Week. Did you support your local craft breweries?
American Craft Beer Week Thursday Night Toast

I interviewed Julia Herz of Brewer’s Association on Friday for the next More Than Pink Boots post. I had several questions regarding the growing industry and why she is such a craft beer rock star. That post will be available soon. However, there’s a few other questions I keep asking myself after this long, beery week, and I wanted to share Julia’s answer.

Why craft?

I love diving in to anything new in order to learn more. I’ve dove in to the craft culture head first, but never stopped to wonder, “Why do I care?” It’s delicious, but craft is more than that. It’s more than supporting a small business. For me, craft is the result of the effort, creativity, and knowledge put in to the beer to be shared and enjoyed. I took part in the American Craft Beer Week Nationwide Toast. This over-the-top saying was written for craft drinkers all over the US to raise up their glasses and repeat simultaneously. Despite the cheesy factor, there was something exciting and welcoming about being surrounded by other people saying this declaration of support for craft and knowing you were joined by so many others elsewhere.

Why learn more?

Why do I spend this time caring what ingredients and processes were used to help me enjoy this beer? I didn’t think about that question or answer until recently. So, when I met Julia Herz last month in Chicago I asked for her thoughts on why she continues to seek knowledge about beer and why other people should care to learn more about this crafty beverage.

– Julia Herz

The more we know the more we can appreciate the beer we make, our friends make, and our local breweries make. The more we know, the more it becomes clear. Craft is the obvious choice. Why do you drink craft beer? Do you put an effort in to learning more about what you drink?

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