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Phantom Canyon Releases Two Headed Dog Imperial IPA

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Phantom Canyon about a new bottled beer. We know that they’re very busy, in the middle of their expansion project, but that hasn’t stopped them from looking at bottling up some new brews. As far as I remember, in the last three years Phantom has released the annual, delicious, Winston Smith’s Barleywine and they released Methuselah Rookie Card, which was a Flander’s inspired sour beer. Now it looks as if Phantom is gearing up to release a few more bottles including a White Ale, a Tripel, the Barleywine again, and an Imperial IPA. Brewer Alan Stiles told me that if all goes to plan the Imperial IPA should go on sale tomorrow afternoon. I’d check in with them on their Brew House Facebook page and the regular Phantom FB page to double check. You could also call them at 719.635-2800. The beer is also currently on tap there so you could go in for a pint as well.

The Two Headed Dog Imperial IPA is a beer that Phantom Canyon brews just once a year. The recipe this year is slightly different with more light malts and dry-hopped with eight pounds of four different hop varieties. The hops are Simco, Sorachi Ace, Citra, and Bravo so we should expect some nice complex, super fruity-citrus aromas. The beer weighs in at 9.8% and 108 IBUs and they’re charging $10 per bottle. There are only 240 bottles, so you better get on it!

Phantom Canyon is located at 2 E. Pikes Peak Ave., Colorado Springs.
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