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Another new brewery quietly opens today

Just found out last night that there’s a new brewery in town and it’s opening is tonight! Compared to the louder efforts of Pikes Peak Brewing, this brewery has taken a very quiet approach. It was a real suprise to me and to all the people I’ve talked to. So, please help welcome to town Kevin Beity Kraft Beer (KBKB). I believe they may also just go by ‘Kraft Beer.’ A few of my friends and I will be heading there around 5pm to check the place out and celebrate the new beer.

According to their website, they’ve got a Wheat, Porter, Pale, and a Lavender beer ready to go and there’s a Lavender Lager that’s currently still fermenting. Other than that, we don’t know a whole lot about the place. Come on out tonight!

Grand Opening of KBKB
July 1st / 5-10pm
KBKB is located at 3668 E. Bijou St. Colorado Springs

Special thanks to the Beer Drinker’s Guide for pointing this out.

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