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How to Find Pliny the Elder in Colorado Springs

A lot of people find this blog for searching something like “Pliny the Elder in Colorado Springs.” I never update the calendar with info on when Pliny the beer is in town because while it is a great beer it’s nothing that deserves to be constantly talked about every time it’s here. But I decided to google that same phrase and I see that if you are looking for the beer, there are posts from 2010 announcing it in town but there’s s no real way to find out when it’s here and not here. So, this post is for you. I asked a few other people about where they get Pliny but they wouldn’t tell me their secrets…

Advice for checking in with a local vendor:
If you’re looking for Pliny the Elder in Colorado Springs, I have some advice for you. I’m going to list places that sometime carry it. Obviously it will be hit or miss, the beer is only occasionally available, and when it shows up it disappears immediately. So, you want to check in with these places’ facebook pages or twitter feeds first! Facebook is usually the best resource there is for finding out exactly when it’s coming in, if not, I indicated a better system below. I wouldn’t recommend calling these places to ask, as that can get annoying but I’ve listed the phone numbers anyway…

Want it in a bottle?
Cheers Liquor Mart – use their online system to check – 1105 North Circle Drive – 719.574.2244
Coaltrain Wine and Spiritsfacebook – 330 West Uintah Street – 719.475.9700
Veterans Liquors – 3630 Austin Bluffs Pkwy – 719.266.1179

Want it on tap?
A Second Cup – facebook – 719.481.6446
Trinity Brewingfacebook – 719.634.0029

I will update this page as I find out about new liquor stores and bars that carry Pliny.

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