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2011 St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Borrowed this image of St. Patrick from this site, where you can read all about him and his myths

* Updated *
I asked everyone in the Pikes Peak Region that I could remember what they were doing for St. Patrick’s Day. I didn’t receive emails back from everyone so this is not necessarily a comprehensive list, but this is what I’m aware of at this point, as it concerns craft beer.

Bierwerks – Woodland Park
Thanks to Eli, I learned about what’s happening at Bierwerks. Looks like they will go Irish for a night and put a special Stout on tap. 4-7pm.

Brewer’s Republic – Colorado Springs
BR will have a green beer made by Rocky Mountain Brewing specially for this night.

Bristol Brewing – Colorado Springs
Nothing out of the ordinary

Eddyline Brewing – Buena Vista
A Locally Colorado Sourced Dinner – Corned Beef, cabbage, and potatoes and a reserved keg of the South Main Stout. Eddyline went a long way to ensure the highest quality Colorado ingredients and experience for this dinner. You can read all about their long journey to create the perfect St. Patrick’s Day dinner here. If you miss the date, they will be serving the meal all weekend long.
– Grass-Fed Scottish High Cattle from Arrowpoint Cattle in Nathrop, CO – Potatoes from the San Luis Valley – Stranahan’s Whiskey from Denver, CO – Farm Fresh Organic Eggs from My Safe Haven Farms in Center, CO

McCabe’s Tavern – Colorado Springs
Nothing out of the ordinary. Bummer! But it will probably be busy at McCabe’s anyway

Old Chicago – Colorado Springs
I’m sure this will be true for the other Old Chicago’s in town as well, but I can’t guarantee it. Old Chicago will have a special St. Patrick’s Day beer tour including these exclusive beers: Odell’s Myrcenary Double IPA and Old Chicago Bitter Leprechaun ESB.

Phantom Canyon Brewing – Colorado Springs
These guys are rolling out a special beer called Róisín Dubh, it is #9 in the special reserve series that Alan does. The date the original brew is very significant: November 1921, a time when Ireland was fighting for independence. Guinness, until then the largest brewery in the United Kingdom, suddenly became foreign. Most likely Barclay Perkins saw this as a chance to take some of Guinness’s market. Tasting notes: Rich and dark with aromas of warm biscuits, burnt bread crusts and coffee. Grainy flavors mixed in with some spicy hops. Lots of drying tannins. Hints of dark fruit, mostly raisins and dried cherries. Surprisingly easy to drink. 5.6%

Rock Bottom – Colorado Springs
Jason will be bringing out his Leemish Dry Irish Stout. Mix this with the Rock Bottom Pale Ale and you’ve got a 100% microbrewed Black N Tan.

Rocky Mountain Brewing
Based on the beer they are providing to Brewer’s Republic, I’m assuming that RMB will also have some green beer available and they will probably have some St. Patrick’s Day Trivia for their Thursday trivia night. Don’t quote me on this though, I’m just making assumptions here.

Shamrock Brewing – Pueblo
Open at 7am for a traditional Irish breakfast and Irish Coffee. Green beer and Irish whiskey specials all day. There will be a bagpiper too.

Trinity Brewing – Colorado Springs
Trinity will release the Wee Banshee Irish Heather Ale. Heather Ales are some of my favorite beers so I’m looking forward to this one. Using ingredients directly from the isle we brewed up a historically authentic ancient beer. Victory and Vienna malts create a toasty profile that is balanced by a lightly sweet caramel note. European noble hops add a dryness and drinkability to the ale while balancing and supporting the complex malt undertones. Separating this ale from all Irish reds, Heather Tips bring us back to ancient and medieval brewing times, adding a very pleasant and soft floral echo. Bringing a little bit more of the isle into this ale we add a very small amount of sea salt and seaweed t0 the boil.  7% ABV.

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Eric teaches art, loves being outdoors, and organizes beer events around the country. He founded Focus on the Beer and Beers Made By Walking.


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