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Trinity Announces Boat Load of December Beer Events

This is all straight from the Trinity Brewing Press Release. And if you read the Examiner in Colorado Springs on a daily basis, this may be review. I will at least be at Trinity for the public unveiling of the Double Rainbow collaborative beer, but I leave town mid December so I’ll miss out on a few things. But you won’t miss me! I’ll be reporting from Beervana (Portland, Oregon). But, this line-up should definitely keep you busy the next month!

Dec 3rd – starting at 3pm
Extreme WiNTER Beer Tapping!
We will be tapping fourteen Winter Brews from Avery, Blackfox, Dogfish Head, Left Hand, Great Divide, Boulevard, Deschutes, TRiNiTY, and more! Here’s a link to the list of beers.

Dec 5th – 8pm
Blackfox and TRiNiTY Beer Dinner
Please keep an eye on our website for the next beer dinner.

Dec 9th – 5pm
New Belgium ‘Beers and Bikes’ Night
FREE New Belgium Glass for the first 25 People!
We will be tapping several Specialty/Seasonal New Belgium Brews…Raffling off New Belgium Gear…Disc Golfing…And riding bikes! Our friend, Allen will be bringing over a few innovative bicycles for you to “test drive!”

Dec 10th – 5pm 
Double Rainbow Collaborative Saison Release!
Brewer’s Jason Yester and John Schneider recently co-hosted a Saison dinner with a mix of both Black Fox and Trinity Brewing Saisons, and during that dinner and idea began to evolve. A ‘progressive culture’ youtube video that went completely viral depicted a very genuine man who was extremely excited about seeing a beautiful double rainbow. The energy captured on that film inspired the creation of this Saison. The two Belgian-Inspired brewers have decided to take on the challenge to make a Super Saison together. Each ingredient used in this recipe represents one of the 12 colors in a double rainbow. Only 500 bottles available, limit 6 per customer, this beer will be available one time only.

Dec 17th – 5pm
Farmhouse Nocturnum Release!
Farmhouse Nocturnum is a member of the new family of strong Belgian Ales known and “Super Saisons.” The name Nocturnum is inspired by the intimidating jet-black color of the beer. Spiced with Sassparilla, Sassafrass, Coriander, Rosemary, and Cumin for a perfect level of spiciness balanced with sweet fruity esters. At 12.5% ABV, once the strongest beer we brewed annually and also the strongest spiced beer ever brewed in Colorado Springs, but we broke our own record!

Dec 24th – 12pm
“Kick the Keg” Challange
3rd Annual Cherry Awaken Stout Tapping!
Every year we brew only two kegs of Cherry Awaken Stout to be tapped on Christmas Eve. Last year we ran out in just over an hour! Let’s see if we can break our record!

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Eric teaches art, loves being outdoors, and organizes beer events around the country. He founded Focus on the Beer and Beers Made By Walking.


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