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Eddyline Brewery Releases New Logos for Canned Beer

BeerEric Steen

Eddyline Brewery in Buena Vista, Colorado announced early this morning that they are expanding and are moving their brewing operations to a new location sometime early next year. They decided they will be canning their beer, and I assume this is part of their commitment to being as green as possible. I'm not certain they will be shipping their beer, because in their green-commitment-statement to being green they say that they don't ship their beer.* However canning beer helps
cut the carbon footprint of transportation, and by recycling one aluminum can you save enough energy to power a television for three hours (I read this in Fermenting Revolution, a book that was published in 2006). So, I'm hoping that we'll be seeing Eddyline's beer over in Colorado Springs. I visited the brewery when I first moved to Colorado (just 3 months ago) and their beer is really fantastic. I didn't take my notepad with me, but I remember I drank a pale ale, and it was very fresh tasting, nicely balanced, with what I'm assuming were Pacific NW hops. I look forward to going back someday and to keeping some cans in my fridge.

They commissioned local artist Katie Henderson Carl to create "old school hand drawings" that relate to the outdoor activities found in the area. Eddyline has announced the first three beers they will can are: The Drag Bag Lager, Kickin’ Back Amber, and Crank Yanker IPA.

I'm pulling this information about their three canned beers directly off their site:

Kickin' Back Amber:
Most of the times we are out enjoying everything Colorado has to offer: biking, hiking, skiing, boating, fishing, KICKIN’ BACK! This amber lager and is very smooth and is perfect for enjoying the Colorado scenery. This is the perfect beer for enjoying that kickin’ back time with your friends around a camp fire.

Drag Bag Lager:
What kind of beer do you throw in the drag bag? I think the Arkansas Valley favorite is PBR, but we hope to change that. This lager is light, refreshing, and smooth, just what you need on a long trip down the Arkansas.

Crank Yanker IPA:

What kind of person does it take to snap a chain? A crank yanker!!! Anyone that has ever ridden the Monarch Crest Trail realizes that the mountain biking in Arkansas Valley is something very special. Well it takes a big beer to meet those expectations and that is exactly what the Crank Yanker IPA brings to the table. This IPA isn’t any ordinary IPA it’s over 7.5% ABV and enough hops to make a nice balanced finish

*UPDATE - Turns out they will be distributing their beer to the Colorado region! Please see the first comment below for details.