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Beer Week in Review

On Wednesday I headed to Trinity Brewing for the Avery Tapping. I went with a friend who was visiting from Portland, Oregon. We tried the DuganA and the Fumator. The DuganA is a nicely balanced double IPA, pulling slightly more toward bitter than malty. It’s a beautiful beer. The Fumator was really a different and complex beer. It turns out to be a heavily smoked beer with some major roasted, even burnt notes, and the taste of sweetness, whiskey, brandy, and cigar and oak. This beer was truly unique.

After Trinity closed it’s doors we headed to Brewer’s Republic because we weren’t ready to call it a night. I heard about this place on Twitter and the owner happened to be working that night. It turns out this place
opened just 3 months ago. It’s really a great place and it’s within walking distance of my house in downtown Colorado Springs so I’ll be sure to stop in as often as possible. There were 12 Colorado beers on tap, including 4 from Rocky Mountain, 2 from Ska, 2 from Black Fox, the Odell Winter Seasonal, a Lefthand and Avery on deck. It was great. I tried the Rocky Mountain Brewing Eat A Peach, which literally tasted like peaches, and the RMB Smoked Wheat, which is unlike any beer I’ve ever had. Smoking wheat sounds difficult. Also had a glass of the Odell’s Winter, which is very good.

On Thursday I headed down to Bristol Brewing and I ran into Mike Bristol. We each drank a nice glass of the beer that was released that night: Old 23 Barleywine. It’s darker than most barleywines I’ve had and the flavor was not as sharp and overpowering as I’m used to. I enjoyed the beer. Dark brown with mohagany color. The aroma was sweet. Taste was of caramel, plum, some chocolate and not the sweetest barleywine I’ve had. It was easy to drink. This one will grow in complexity as it ages. I would definitely cellar a few bottles and bring them out next year for Thanksgiving, comparing them to next year’s Old 23 offering.

Friday night I was back up at Trinity Brewing for the release of their Double IPA “Slap Yer Mammy.” It was poured in a snifter style glass, the color was a beautiful golden-orange with a short foamy white head. The smell was powerful with pine needles and dank hops. I sipped it next to Avery’s DuganA, another Double IPA, so that I could compare the two. The Trinity beer has what would be 125 IBU’s and tasted very fresh so if you are a hop head it was clearly the winner. DuganA was clearly a sweeter and maltier beer. The Trinity beer is really nicely bittered, taste is of pine, reminding me a bit of Pliny the Elder, but with a better malt balance and roundness. I would be happy to drink this instead of Pliny. This beer doesn’t taste anywhere near 10.5%. It finishes dry and sticky.

Today, Saturday, is the release of Bristol’s Cask IPA, I’m not able to make it over there today though.

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Eric teaches art, loves being outdoors, and organizes beer events around the country. He founded Focus on the Beer and Beers Made By Walking.


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